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Revival - 17/3/10

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  I finally found time to get back on here and update!  You'll find a new blog post explaining why, and new excerpt from an old attempt at writing.  I hope this place gets visitors this go!

Draft Two Excerpt - 10/2/10

Finally!  I've finally put up the excerpt from the second draft of After the Plague.  Go read, RATE AND COMMENT.

New Stuff Up - 31/1/10

New excerpt and blog post up everyone!  Please rate and comment on these.  I didn't get any feedback last time.  So pleases, just for Sari!

Editing Done - 24/1/10

As said in my new blog post, the site skeleton is complete, and I've personalized it.  I've put up an excerpt and posted the website on other various sites I'm a part of, like on my Facebook, NaNoWriMo, and Kingdom of Alkmene.  So check the site out and read the blog post for more info.

Site Up - 22/1/10

Alright, the site has been made!  I'm currently working through setting the thing up.  This could take awhile with my schedule.

So, lemme tell you how this is going to work.  You sign up for the site, and I'll email you when important things are added, like a new excerpt, or a blog post, etc.  I'm going to use this site to keep you lot up to date on how my writing's doing, and whether you can see the manuscript.  Now you can stop pestering me constantly.

 So I'll give each link in the sidebar a run-down.  Home is where I'll post site news and major stuff.  Blog is my blog, duh.  Links will have various links to my other stuff.  About me.....really?  Contact me....  Guestbook is for non-members to leave a comment or something.  Members will have the list of members.  Calendar will have dates and deadlines on my writing.  And Exhibitions is where I'll post my excerpts.












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